Dr. Andrew Lewandowski is a practicing pediatrician with Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin. Dr. Lewandowski’s environmental health interests stem from a passion for the outdoors. He and his family spend much of their time engaging in outdoor activities, and he actively counsels patients and families how to do the same, regardless of ability level or chronic medical conditions.


Dr. Lewandowski is also dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of climate change and is currently spearheading efforts to increase renewable energy usage and infrastructure in his own town.


Lastly, Dr. Lewandowski is dedicated to the education of his patients and families and the education of future healthcare professionals. From 2012-2015, he was an instructor and facilitator of a Wilderness Medicine class offered through the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public health, and he is currently collaborating with medical school curriculum directors and administration to increase the amount of environmental health topics that are taught to medical students.