Find information on how the environment can affect all aspects of heath, on a personal and community level. 

Health:  The Human Face of Climate Change

Check out this discussion piece here for suggestions as to how our next president should handle the issues of climate change.

Climate Change Can Impact Us In Many Ways.  How Has Climate Change Impacted You?

What Does Climate Change have to do with Zika Virus

There is a threat posed to children's health by rising temperatures, especially the link between rising temperatures and the spread of mosquitoes and the Zika virus. Click here to read more.

Source: Bloomberg Press

Source: Bloomberg Press

Climate change and insect-borne disease

Especially in the warmer months, we all spend time outside and are prone to contracting a number of insect-borne diseases. Numbers are on the rise. Get all the information HERE. 

Water is essential for life - help keep it clean

Read more about the potential contaminants in ground and drinking water, what you can do to make it cleaner, and how to make a difference for others HERE.

Heat can be harmful

Learn more about how the increasing temperature of the earth contributes to climate change and its associate health affects. Know how to help those in need when struck with overheating or even heat stroke. Get all in the information HERE. 

Chemical causes of obesity

Diet and lifestyle have a great deal to do with maintaining a healthy weight, but did you know some commonly ingested and absorbed chemicals might also be to blame? Read the full article HERE. 

Climate change and famine

Changing weather patterns are contributing to drought, wildfire, and heavy levels of rainfall. All of these climatic factors have an impact on the amount of food we can produce. Unfortunately, it's leaving some hungry. Read more HERE. 

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Click the image or the next to the right for the full comment.