Study About Childhood Lead Poisoning in Wisconsin - March 26, 2019

WEHN Steering Committee member, Dr. Beth Neary, is a co-author on a new study regarding childhood lead poisoning in Wisconsin. The study reports, "Physicians are a vital partner in preventing, identifying, and mitigating the effects of elevated blood lead levels for Wisconsin’s children." View the study here »

Lead Levels Below EPA Limits Can Still Impact Your Health

The EPA action level for lead – 15 parts per billion of lead in the water – is not a threshold for public health, so a reading below that number doesn't mean the water is safe.  Click here for more information.

Small Area Surveillance to Estimate Prevalence of Childhood Blood and Environmental Lead Levels

This manual is designed to be a guide for field studies to assess the prevalence of elevated blood and environmental lead levels.  Click here for more information.


Millions of American Kids are Going Untested for Lead Poisoning

Although state regulations and Medicaid laws may require blood lead level tests, many young kids are not getting tested early enough.  Click here for more information.

Source: Scientific American

Source: Scientific American

Flint's Lead-Tainted Water May Not Cause Permanent Brain Damage

This article explains how early interventions can be made to train the brain to recover from lead's damaging effects; leading to less permanent damage caused by lead.

Source: flintwaterstudy.org

Source: flintwaterstudy.org

Lead Contamination in Flint - An Abject Failure to Protect Public Health 

New England Journal of Medicine, article by Dr. David Bellinger, explaining the public health failures in Flint, MI. 

Lead levels are not laughable

Get information about how to test your home and workplace for dangerous lead levels by clicking HERE for Testudo's website. Consult your doctor for more information on what lead can do to your health. 

Source: Mother Jones

Source: Mother Jones

Lead Exposure Has Terrifying Effects on Grown-Ups, Too

Although children's growing bodies are more susceptible to lead exposure, research is showing that adults can also be detrimentally impacted by prolonged exposure to lead.  Full article here