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Click on this image for a pdf of this year's program

Click on this image for a pdf of this year's program

Conference resources, including videos, can be found at the bottom of this page

Keynote lecture: Dr. Mark Miller

Director of UCSF Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) and Director of the Children's Environmental Health Program at California EPA

"Can Childhood Leukemia be Prevented?"


Additional speakers: 

Dr. Ted Schettler - "Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging"

Dr. Frederick vom Saal - "From Bad to Worse: 'BPA-free' Does Not Mean a Product is Safe"  


Environmental Justice Panel: 

Dr. Janean Dilworth-Bart, moderator: early childhood development in the environment

Dr. Emmanuel Ngui, panelist: location of toxic dump sites in low income areas

Susan Bietila, RN, BSN, MA, panelist: Citizens Acting for Rail Safety, dangers of oil by rail in the Milwaukee area and beyond

Laura Olah, Executive Director, panelist: Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger


This annual CME conference will be held at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, in the Health Sciences Learning Center.
The day's event will begin at 11:30am and conclude with a cocktail hour. 

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Conference resources: 

Dr. Ted Schettler's Greening Healthcare meeting presentation - slides HERE

Video recording of keynote and afternoon speakers - HERE   

The Environmental Justice panel was not recorded

Dr. Mark Miller's Keynote presentation - slides HERE 

Dr. Ted Schettler's conference presentation - slides HERE

Dr. Frederick vom Saal's conference presentation - slides HERE

For additional resources: 

Oil by Rail report by PSR Oregon - click HERE

WEHN's "Top Ten" Environmental Health Resources for Providers - click HERE

WEHN'S newly revised prenatal tool - click HERE

More information from Dr. Miller:

Dr. Miller is co-director of the Western States Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit. The website is a good resource for information on children's environmental health for both the general public and clinical professionals.  http://wspehsu.ucsf.edu

A Story of Health is a multimedia eBook, highlighted in Dr. Miller's talk, that  delves into how our environments interact with our genes to influence health across the lifespan. A Story of Health is told through the lives of fictional characters and their families – Brett, a young boy with asthma; Amelia, a teenager with developmental disabilities; and toddler Stephen, recently diagnosed with leukemia. Each fictional case features the latest scientific research about disease origin and helpful facts about disease prevention. Continuing education credits are offered for free from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  http://wspehsu.ucsf.edu/for-clinical-professionals/training/a-story-of-health-a-multi-media-ebook/

Thanks for coming!!