Curious to know what types of soap are actually safe to use? Want to get an update about lead levels in your home? This is the page to find it: 

Now is the Time to Think About Pesticides

Our very own Claire Gervais wrote an article about how important it is to be aware of all the hazardous pesticides that can be on our lawns.  Click here for the entire article. 

Tell Big Retailers: It’s Time to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals

Some retailers are doing well to stop hazardous chemicals while others are not doing as good of a job.  Click here to learn more information. 

EPA gets new powers to regulate toxic chemicals, but progress takes time

The EPA is getting more power to help rid the world of hormone-disrupting chemicals.  However, due to the fact that these chemicals are virtually everywhere, it has become increasingly challenging to figure out the magnitude of each chemical. Full article. 

Consensus Statement: Environmental Toxins Hurt Brain Development, Action Needed

TENDR signatories call on the government to remove these toxic chemicals from food and consumer products so that pregnant women and children are not exposed. In addition, they call on regulators to follow scientific guidance for assessing how chemicals affect brain development.  Click here for more information.

The Chemical Footprint Project Annual Report

This first annual chemical footprint project report highlights the financial risks that companies face due to chemicals to human health and the environment in their products and how to go about improvement. Click here for the full report. 

Dr. Claire Gervais made an incredible breakthrough in January

We are proud to have WEHN Steering Committee members who work everyday to make important changes in the health care setting. Read her full article HERE

Nail salon workers pay for beauty of others with their own health

See the full New York Times article HERE

See follow-up NYT article about mayor's emergency-level response HERE

Click on the image to read about PFCs

Click on the image to read about PFCs

Cancer-causing stain resistors: Stay away from PFCs

PFCs are perfluorinated compounds, and they have been in use in common household products for over 60 years. They are a family of fluorine-containing chemicals that make materials stain- and stick-resistant, and is also found in some foods.  

Read about PFCs HERE

Coloring might not be the harmless activity we think it is

Studies have found asbestos in certain brands of crayons, and some crime scene toy kits, made in China. Take a look at the three articles below for more information: 


SF Gate Article

Environmental Health Group Article

Asbestos Nation Article

A collusion between industry and science may be harming our health. (Rachel Dooley)

A collusion between industry and science may be harming our health. (Rachel Dooley)