The Story Project

The Wisconsin Environmental Health Network (WHEN) Story Project is a collection of audio and written stories based on interviews with people from across Wisconsin facing environmental health issues that affect their lives. The purpose of the stories is to listen to Wisconsinites’ experiences, publicize the stories and educate the public about how to address similar issues. A diverse group of interviewees highlight different socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, races and may include chemical exposures, air pollution, water contamination, fracking or housing exposures such as to mold.


WAter Quality

Listen to one farmer’s struggles with air and water pollution in Kewaunee County.

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Listen to a story about two cities and housing conditions that affected a woman’s health.


Air quality

Listen to a story of a Wisconsinite’s struggles with asthma and air pollution.

Do you have a story about your health being impacted by adverse environmental conditions?

Tell your story for a chance to be featured and to help citizens, health professionals, and political officials understand what is happening in across the state of Wisconsin.